The event will begin with a nice dinner and entertainment on the evening of September 23.  Each church will be provided 2 hotel rooms and can, of course, pay for additional rooms as needed. All meals and housing include youth workers and their spouse.


Chris Adams, Associate Campus Pastor at APU will join us to share some ideas focused specifically on spiritual practices for Youth Pastors! The event will conclude after lunch on Saturday.  All expenses (including hotel) will be paid for by SDMI and NYI*.  

                                   Brad M. Griffin is the Associate Director of the Fuller

                                   Youth Institute, where he develops research-based

                                   training for youth workers and parents. A speaker,

                                   blogger, and volunteer youth pastor, Brad is also the

                                   coauthor of Sticky Faith ​and Deep Justice Journeys. A native Kentucky youth pastor, Brad now lives in Southern California with his wife Missy and their three children.


Los Angeles District NYI

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