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May 24-27, 2023



Hello Southwest Field!

It’s hard to believe but Elevate Registration opens in just 4 weeks!

We wanted to share the new pricing structure, put in place to allow the maximum amount of people to attend this year.  We’ve broken the pricing structure down into three tiers. 

  • Tier 1:  $150 - This tier gets you all of the Elevate programming, housing on campus at PLNU, and 8 meals in the Nicholson Commons. 

  • Tier 2: $110 - This tier gets you all of the Elevate programming, and 8 meals in the Nicholson Commons.  Note:  OFF-CAMPUS Housing will be up to each church to provide at Tier 2 pricing.

  • Tier 3: $75 - This tier gets you all of the Elevate programming, including services, late night games, and daily activities.  Note:  OFF-CAMPUS Housing and Food will be up to each church to provide at Tier 3 pricing.

We can’t wait to share more about what’s in store this May!  As a reminder, Elevate Registration will open at a new time, 8:00 PM PST on March 1st.  No more staying up until midnight to register!  Just visit

For more info go to the Regional Elev8 website:


For the first time ever, Elevate 2019 will be hosting NO FULL WEEKEND SPORTS (Basketball, Soccer, or Volleyball) on Friday afternoon or evening.  This change is being made in order to preserve the integrity of the tournaments.  The three full weekend sports tournaments will begin bright and early on Saturday morning and continue into Sunday afternoon.  This will allow for churches who have longer drives and scheduling conflicts (such as graduation) to arrive in time for their games without risk of forfeit or penalty, as has often been the case on Fridays.

However, you still need to be there on Friday!  There will be a coaches meeting for all sports on Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM in Brown Chapel.  Here you'll be able to ask all of your questions before the tournaments start.  But just in case you had some questions now, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions:



Q: What Sports are available for us to register for?
A: We will have full tournaments for Basketball (Boys), Volleyball (Girls), Soccer (Co-Ed),  and Ultimate Frisbee (Co-Ed).  Unfortunately we will NOT be having Flag Football this year.  

Q:  Does it cost anything to play?
A:  Yes, as part of your churches registration there is a cost associated with each sport.  This allows us to pay our referees and facility use.  Teams for Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer are $175 each, and Ultimate Frisbee teams are $50 each.  These costs are per church and are paid during the registration process.

Q:  Are there limits to how many teams can play?
A:  Due to time constraints, each tournament has a team limit of 12 teams (except for Ultimate Frisbee with 30 teams).  If more teams register, we will have a wait list to get into the tournament.

Q:  Can my students play more than one sport?
A:  A student who wishes to play in more than one of the four sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee) may do so ONLY in pool play.  Once teams are seeded, and playoffs begin for an individual sport, a student must choose which one (1) sport they will choose to continue with.

Q:  Can we wear cleats on the fields this year?
A:  No.  You can however wear turf shoes.  You can find more specific information about the types of shoes allowed on the fields by clicking on the link to the full rules below...


We can't wait to see you in May!  For more information about the rules for this year's tournaments, please click the link below to download a PDF of the rules for all of the sports. 

Also, visit our event site for all of the info you need to know about Elevate 2019!

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